Whether you are a first time or returning visitor to Wallowa County, the majestic Wallowa Mountains and Wallowa Lake have something that is sure to excite and captivate you, no matter what your interests or age.
Wallowa County and Wallowa Lake was the summer home to the Nez Perce Indians.  The town of Joseph is named after Chief Joseph, as is Mount Joseph that majestically stands watch over beautiful Wallowa Valley.  Many local places, activities, and attractions remember and honor this famous inhabitant of the Wallowa Valley.

Wallowa County offers an almost endless variety of activities that range from exploring the Eagle Cap Wilderness and rafting the Snake River in the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area to participating in the many special and exciting local events, to learning about the world famous bronze industry, to browsing the delightful art studios, to shopping in the unique and varied craft and art establishments, to learning about the local history back when there were real cowboys and Indians.   The variety of local restaurants and watering holes will please everyone in the family when you’re finally ready to rest and recharge a little.  And Wallowa Lake, besides being one of the prettiest places in the world, has all of the water activities everyone enjoys.

Local friendly businesses and residents delight in pleasing visitors to our beautiful corner of northeast Oregon.  Wallowa County Cabin Owners are a group of friendly local people who have some charming comfortable cabins at Wallowa Lake that are the perfect place to finish your busy day, relax, and rest up for tomorrow’s adventures and sightseeing.  We own the cabins and would delight in having you and your families enjoy them.

Our cabins are named after the beautiful high lakes of the Eagle Cap Wilderness.  We have visited all our cabins’ lakes, have special feelings for each, and are proud to highlight the spectacular lakes. 

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