Things to See Around Wallowa Lake

One of the 7 Wonders of Oregon — The Wallowas

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wallowa lake tramway carrying passenger to the summit

Visit the Wallowa Lake Tram

A ride up Mount Howard on the WALLOWA LAKE TRAMWAY is an easy, exciting and spectacular way to get a taste of the awesome beauty of Wallowa Lake, Mountains, and Valley early in your visit. And after a walk on the well maintained trails at the top, you’ll be ready for some refreshment at the Summit Grille – Northwest’s Highest Restaurant.

The Go Karts are fun for everyone as is whacking a few mini golf balls. Bumper boats are great for those on the more aggressive side. And there is an game arcade for those so addicted. For the serious golfers in your group, ALPINE MEADOWS GOLF COURSE and Eagle Driving Range are short drives from Wallowa Lake.

There is superb fishing in the dozens of lakes, streams and rivers in the area. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is great source of current information about fishing, hunting and wildlife in Wallowa County and the Snake River area. WINDING WATERS RIVER EXPEDITIONS has guided fly fishing trips on the Wallowa or Grande Ronde rivers. The FLY SHOPPE in Joseph has all of the equipment and information you need for a great fly fishing experience in the area.

WALLOWA LAKE MARINA has all of the equipment and supplies you’ll need to enjoy life on the waters of pristine Wallowa Lake. And they also have slips to moor your boat.

The 358,000 acre EAGLE CAP WILDERNESS with over 500 miles of marked hiking trails and 52 lakes offers endless enjoyment for those that enjoy beautiful scenery and the great outdoors in a more physical way. Hells Canyon National recreation area is another spectacular 650,000 acres of beauty and adventure in Wallowa County. And the WALLOWA-WHITMAN NATIONAL FOREST has 2.3 million acres of almost unlimited outdoor recreation opportunities. There are also great places to ride your bicycle and for a totally different experience there is always RAILRIDING.

The region is home to over 30 species of fish, more than 230 different kinds of birds, 90 types of mammals, 26 reptile and amphibian inhabitants and some 1500 varieties of plants and tree. You will have to hike, ride a horse or go on pack trip to be able to see some of it, but a lot of nature’s wonders can be enjoyed from the comfort of your car at places like the ZUMALT PRAIRIE RESERVE and HAT POINT. And there are several designated SCENIC BYWAYS that make great car tours. You could spend an entire summer exploring the endless fascinating places like IMNAHA, HELLS CANYON and the blue hole. And all of these excursions are pleasant day trips from our comfortable cabins at Wallowa Lake.

For more adventurous outings, WINDING WATERS will take you on raft trip on the Snake, Salmon or Grande Ronde rivers that is the thrill of a lifetime. A JET BOAT RIDE through Hells Canyon while “a little” less physical is also an experience never forgotten. And PARAGLIDING from Mt. Howard might even suit your tastes.

The world class FOURTH OF JULY fireworks over Wallowa Lake can be seen from all sides of of the Lake and well beyond

chief joseph days logoAnd CHIEF JOSEPH DAYS the last full weekend in July is the pinnacle of great activities in Wallowa County.

The town of JOSEPH (near Wallowa Lake) is home to wonderful art galleries and a world famous bronze foundry. Several impressive bronze art pieces are always on display on main street. And the JOSEPHY CENTER FOR ARTS AND CULTURE offers a variety of programs, events, classes, and exhibits.

The WALLOWA COUNTY MUSEUM in the 1888 bank building in Joseph is home to artifacts and history of the settlers, pioneers and Nez Perce Indians who lived in the region and is a wonderful repository of the history of Wallowa County.

For those interested in learning more about the rich local heritage, places like the MAXWELL HERITAGE and the WALLOWA BAND NEZ PERCE TRAIL interpretive centers offer great displays and insight into the past.

The WALLOWA COUNTY CHIEFTAIN, in addition to being a great source of news offers an online visitors guide that is full of local area facts, activities and business information.


There are a number of restaurants at the Lake and many more within easy driving distance.

Shopping and Services

Within a few miles there are dozens of places to shop and find a variety of service businesses.

Medical Care

We hope you never have the need, but there are number of medical professionals close by and a modern well-equipped hospital in nearby Enterprise.

Real Estate

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